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If you see more than four patients a day we would like to do your billing daily.


On the daily form for our clients, please note that at the bottom there is a space for insurance payments.


If at the end of the day, if you will spend 20 minutes logging your patients, their copayments and insurance payments you received through the mail, you will never be behind and feel like you are drowning in paperwork.


When you fax us this form, please send the insurance EOB's with it. My suggestion then would be for you to staple the daily and the EOB's together and file. It will keep you organized and efficient. If you have any questions on a particular payment, just jot it down and we will get right back to you.


If you see less than four per day, we will bill weekly


On the weekly recap you will note your patients for the week and their copayments. There is also a weekly insurance payment recap which you will fill out and fax with the EOB's.

Claims Management

Daily users:


Please send us your EOB's daily. This way we are able to keep your accounts up to date. If you fall behind, we fall behind. It is much more efficient to do a little work each day instead of a lot of work once in awhile. If you will train yourself to do these few chores each day your practice will benefit tremendously and it will free you from worry and frustration. 


Weekly users:


You are welcome to send us your EOB's weekly with your patient recap, although we still suggest you log your payments daily even though you won't fax them until Friday or over the weekend. The exception to that is if you receive a denial. Those we will need to see right away so please fax those as soon as you receive them. The quicker we can get them rebilled the better. 





You will receive an authorization report which will contain your managed care patients. It will let you know whose authorizations are about to expire due to date or session count. 




You will receive your income statement which will have a breakdown of your patients, charges and income for the month. 



There are many, many reports we can run for you. If you just let us know what information you would like we can create a report for that!! 




Every provider has a different way of running their practice.  


As individuals, some are more comfortable collecting copayments than others.



Our suggestion is this....collect the copayment at the beginning of your session.



If you wait until the end, it can easily be overlooked or forgotten.


Starting your session talking about money may not appeal to you but if you preface it by saying something similar to:



"My billing service informed me your copayment is $20.00. Lets take care of that now so we can get to work",



or something along those lines you will see an improvement in patient collections. Unfortunatley people drop out of therapy all the time. When they do, they often don't pay the bills we send to them.


The best time to collect is from the patient when they are in front of you. If they don't accumulate a balance, you will never get stuck with a big bill.



New Patients

Please have all new patients call us so that we can determine eligibility. We will fax you the results so you know what to collect in office.



Psychotherapy Billing Systems

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