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Comprehensive Mental Health Billing Services


We can eliminate problems right from the beginning if we can determine benefits before a patient ever walks into your office.


When a new patient calls, please ask them to call us. We will determine benefits and fax you the results so you know how much to collect in office.


When we determine their benefits, if authorization is required we will request it at that time, another important reason for us to talk to your new patients.

Total Claim Management Services

Claims Management

If a claim is denied,

(which will happen from time to time due to the nature of mental health billing,) we need to hear about it immediately.

We will determine the reason for denial and begin the appeal process.

Every week you will receive an authorization report showing which patients have managed care and the status of their authorization. On Our System page you will find Treatment Plans for most insurances so you can print and fill them out. Monthly we will provide you with an income report. Of course, annually you will receive an income total for the year. We can create an unlimited amount of reports for you. Perhaps you want to know how many patients are past due, just let us know and we will prepare a report for you.

Comprehensive Billing Services


Services for New Patient Registration

New patients

If you see more than four patients a day, we would like to do your billing daily. Please see Our System page for forms. There is the option to print daily or weekly patient recap forms. If you are a part time or smaller practice the weekly form will be fine. The forms have a section for the patient copayment and procedure code. The bottom half of the daily form has sections for insurance payments you received by mail.


It is a great habit to get in to of writing down your patients, opening all of your mail and recording insurance payments to send to us. It will keep you up to date and you will never fall behind if you will devote just a few minutes at the end of each day to put that information together.

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