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Top 3 Reasons to Get a Biller

Working with insurance companies is no easy feat and many providers who do their own billing find themselves overwhelmed with inability to focus on their patients while also ensuring they are getting paid.


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#1: Optimizes Revenue Cycle

Our job is to get your billing submitted in a timely matter here at PBS we ensure that your billing is submitted to the insurance companies withing 24 to 48 hours upon receipt of your billing. Most providers submit their billing at the end of each week, and some daily with a recap of all of the patients they saw and the money they collected. This ensures that they are getting a steady flow of income due to the steady output of claims.


#2: Grow Your Practice

Since you are able to free up your time that you are currently spending on doing your own billing that leaves more time for you to be able to expand your practice and begin to see new patients. Following up on claims is a timely process and a lot of the times we see claims denied for an invalid reason and all they need is a call and it will get reprocessed and paid. Healthcare providers across the board despite the specialty lose out on money due to wrongly denied claims. We cut down on all those losses by providing monthly income report and closely monitoring provider accounts to ensure there isn't any claims that are being incorrectly unpaid.


#3: Increased Revenue/Higher Collection Rates

With the extra time that is being able to be spent seeing patients this will in turn increase your revenue since you will be able to find new patients and increase your weekly intake of clients. With every new patient you receive we like them to call our office and provide their basic demographic information as well as their insurance information. With this information we are able to contact their insurance company and obtain their estimated benefits for them to see you specifically at that time. A lot of income is lost through not collecting patients responsibility at the time of the visit. We do mail out monthly patient statements as well but a small percentage of those are successful in obtaining past due payment from an inactive patient. We always recommend to collect what their estimated responsibility is before the appointment is had to ensure that you are receiving everything you should be for the service.

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